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  • Company Overview

Wyndmere Naturals, Inc., established in 1995, is a small woman-owned business located in New Hope, Minnesota. The company offers a full line of high quality therapeutic essential oils and aromatherapy products to natural retail stores, spas, massage therapists, pharmacies, and healthcare organizations. Our products are used to support the emotional well-being of our customers.

Core Competencies

  • High quality pure essential oils and clean and natural products.
  • Unique therapeutic products that are used by nurses and clinical aromatherapists to help reduce nausea and the need for pain or psychotropic medications.
  • Custom blended oils, soaps and lotions using only all natural ingredients.
  • Excellent service. Orders are generally shipped the same day if received by 2 pm. All orders are reviewed for accuracy and hand packed with care.
  • Woman-owned company.
  • Wyndmere purchases its essential oils from the niche market (4%) that is aimed at the aromatherapy trade. It does not purchase oils that are on the open market or produced for food, fragrance, cosmetic or pharmaceutical industries as these are often standardized and less therapeutically effective.
  • Twenty-plus successful years of being the industry's trusted source of aromatherapy products and a member of good standing in AIA and NAHA trade organizations. 
  • Used in hospitals, hospices, assisted living and senior care environments.
  • Selecting crops grown by farmers with expertise in field/crop management and harvesting.
  • Selecting distillers with the expertise and skill in extracting the best quality yield of oil. 

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Selena Andrews
Selena Andrews

June 07, 2018

I first purchased your essential oils in 2006 before I even new anything about essential oils or how to really use them. I was under a terrible amount of stress, in a bad marriage that I was constantly being abused mentally, and physically. I felt so trapped, because I had two small children and I was a stay at home mom . I homeschooled my oldest son and my youngest was only 4 years old. They were both being abused mentally and physically too by my ex husband, especially my oldest son he’s ADHD with oppositional defiance. I started having panic attacks, severely one to 15 panic attacks a day, I would believe that I was having a heart attack, head straight to the ER nonstop for them, only to be told each time that I was having a panic attack each time. This only deepened my depression and lowered my self esteem. My ex husband would use this to further abuse me too!! I was put on an antidepressant medication that made me completely numb to life, which just allowed the abuse to get worse. I could have been hit by a train and not cared!! The only thing that made me finally wake up one day was my 12 year old son was being physically and mentally abused definding me after my ex husband had physically and mentally abused me, he grabbed his baseball bat and told my ex husband he was going to beat him to death with it if he put his hands on me, him or his little brother ever again!! He said, “I’m not that little kid anymore, I’m as big as you now, so I will kill you this time!” I just knew that I had to leave with my kids right then and never look back, that’s exactly what we did too!! I immediately used Anxiety Release in my diffuser in my car as we were leaving to calm all of us down. It is still a staple in our oil box today!! The Aches and Pains oil is also another major staple in our oil box!! This has been such a journey for our family and your EO saved my kids and myself from being abused mentally and physically to our deaths!! Thank you for oils!!

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