Lavender First Aide Spray

Lavender Natural First Aide Spray
Let’s face it, kids get hurt. Lavender essential oil is something that should be in every home. This lil burst of sunshine hurt herself running around dancing and mom knew exactly what to do. Lavender is helpful in taking the sting out and helping ease her mind while mom finishes it off with a band-aid. The most efficient way to have Lavender on hand is to pre-dilute it in a roll-on bottle with a carrier oil of your choice. Then it’s ready when the need arises!
Lavender essential oil is the “Swiss Army Knife” of essential oils - not only is it calming and helpful for stress relief and promoting sleep, it is also effective for cases of minor cuts, bruises, skin irritations, and minor burns. Its cleansing qualities make Lavender the first thing we grab when it comes to our children.

Do you keep Lavender on hand for first aid?

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