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Autumn Equinox

  • 1 min read

Autumn Equinox

Fall is officially here! Today marks when day and night are exactly equal in length due to the sun being directly in line with the equator. And from here on till spring, the days will get shorter and the nights longer as the planet’s axis tilts away from the sun.

The leaves will begin to turn beautiful colors and the air will become crisp. You might even notice that the birds and butterflies are beginning their migration south.

Use your diffuser to really elevate the official fall mood that’s in the air. To make our chai latte blend, add 6 drops Cardamom, 4 drops Clove, 4 drops Cinnamon, and 2 drops Ginger in a small bottle. Add 3-5 drops of this warming scent to your diffuser of choice. We love the way this fills a room with an appealing warm scent that seems to make everyone in the home naturally migrate towards it, bringing everyone together.

Now take a moment to breathe. Enjoy each other. Life doesn’t have to move fast. We know, there is a lot of planning for the days ahead. Lists have been made…but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a moment. Enjoy. Sometimes it’s the little things.

Click the link to try this blend today!

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