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Why Choose Wyndmere

Why Wyndmere

There are a lot of companies out there selling essential oils.  A search for Lavender essential oil on Amazon returns over 10,000 results.  Why should you buy Wyndmere Naturals essential oils, when there are so many other options?  Let me walk you through it.

Reason #1:  Hospitals love us.

One of our fastest growing customer bases is hospitals and clinics.  Healthcare systems use our essential oils in patient care settings because they’ve done the studies and seen the results.  Because our oils are grown, harvested, and distilled for aroma therapeutic use by practitioners, we have become a trusted supplier of hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, mental health programs, and other healthcare providers across the country.  Who else can say that?

Reason #2:  We’re old.

Not normally something that’s bragged about, but we’re old and we’re proud of it.  Wyndmere has been in operation since 1995 (!) when cell phones were huge and grunge was cool.  Since 1995 we have sourced our essential oils from the same trusted suppliers who have proven themselves time and again to be of the utmost integrity.  A lot of companies have entered the essential oil market in the past few years to capitalize on its rise in popularity, but Wyndmere isn’t one of them. We’ve been around, and we’ll be around.

Reason #3:  Our products work.

96% of the world’s essential oils are produced for the food, fragrance, and cosmetic industries.  Only 4% of the essential oils produced globally are specifically grown, harvested, and distilled for use in the holistic aromatherapy trade.  Guess which bucket we source our oils from? Yes, we buy only from that 4%. This means the plants are grown, harvested, and distilled using sustainable and traditional methods optimized to capture their unique therapeutic properties.  When you smell our Lavender, you’re getting the full aroma therapeutic benefits of the plant, not just a nice smell.

Reason #4:  We’re small enough to listen but big enough to deliver.

Wyndmere is a family-run business with twenty employees.  When you buy one of our products you know you’re not getting something mass-produced in China but rather hand-bottled with care in Minnesota.  When you call us, you get a real person. A real person who’s probably related (friend or family) to the person in the office next to them. Our size is what enables us to provide the level of customer service excellence our customers have come to expect from us, and allows us to pivot and change direction quickly in this ever-changing marketplace.  Each of our customers is unique, and we’re proud of our ability to treat them with the utmost care and attention they deserve.

Reason #5:  Quality

Reasons #1-4 exist because of Reason #5.  We’ve been around the block a time or two and have had our share of ups and downs, but never have we veered from our core principle of putting quality above all else. Since 1995 we have consistently upheld our commitment to providing customers with high-quality, natural aromatherapy products at reasonable prices.  We honor this commitment from seed to bottle by focusing on processes designed to maximize the therapeutic value of the finished product. Our Chamomile comes from a three-generational farm that hand weeds each field. Our Frankincense is harvested by a pastoral tribe in Kenya that uses traditional and sustainable harvest methods.  The Wyndmere family might like to goof off occasionally, we have hot dish cook-offs, we laugh and we have some fun, but when it comes down to business we take ourselves seriously - we cut no corners when it comes to quality and proudly stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

This year Wyndmere is turning 25 years old, and we have our customers, both old and new, to thank.  We’re looking forward to the next 25 years serving our customers and fulfilling our vision.