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Featured Product DIY Bundles

Product bundles for our featured recipes and blog post every month.
Bring In The New Year Diffuser & Blends
$66.72 $88.97
Apple Pie Diffuser Blend
from $28.46
Hydrating Face Mist DIY Bundle
from $39.67
Coffee & Peppermint Lip Scrub DIY Bundle
Stay Healthy Bundle
Vanilla Chai Latte DIY Blend
from $42.35
Vanilla Chai Latte DIY Airmist
Pumpkin Spice Latte DIY Blend
from $77.95
Study Buddy Product Bundle
Yoga Mat DIY Blend Bundle
Uplifting Rise & Shine Bundle
Revitalizing DIY Room Spray
Calming Roll-On DIY Bundle
Summer Cooling Spray DIY Bundle
Soothing Skin Blend DIY Bundle
Bug Off DIY Bundles
from $30.37
Soothing After Shave & Beard Oil