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Back to School Aromatherapy Guide

  • 3 min read

It’s that time of year again (how is it that time of year again?!).  School supplies have been purchased and backpacks are loaded with fresh pencils and notebooks and ready to go.  Snapping out of summer fun mode and getting back into the routine of school can be difficult - there are new teachers, new subjects, maybe even a new school.  All these changes can be a little scary, but we’re sharing some of our top tips for using aromatherapy to help ease the transitions facing your children.

AromaPods can be a good way for your child to take aromatherapy to school

If your kid is struggling with anxiety about returning to school, there are several essential oils that can help soothe a worried mind.  Our ready-to-use synergistic blend Anxiety Release combines the benefits of Orange, Lavender, Clary Sage, Geranium, Vetiver, and Roman Chamomile to help your children overcome their emotional stress, leaving them feeling calm, confident, and ready to take on the new school year.  Try adding a few drops to your car diffuser to diffuse on your way to the drop-off in the morning, or to a bath to ease those night-before jitters. You can even send your child to school with an Anxiety Release inhaler or roll-on for use at school. If you don’t want something pre-blended, Chamomile, Mandarin, and Lavender are all excellent single notes for soothing anxiety and are safe for children.

Anxiety Release roll-on is an easy way for your child to take aromatherapy to school

Your child may return from school tired and lacking the ability to focus on necessary schoolwork.  Our Mentally Sharp synergistic blend - made with essential oils known to help improve concentration, reduce mental fatigue, and increase memory retention - may be a great option for you.  One of our favorite tricks is to diffuse Mentally Sharp at home during study sessions and then add a few drops to something portable for your child to bring to school. Studies have shown that inhaling the same scent during a test that was also smelled while studying helps the brain to recall the information learned and improves test performance.  You can add a few drops of Mentally Sharp to a blank inhaler or diffuser jewelry for portable use, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated - simply put a few drops on a tissue and place it in a plastic bag and voila! Spearmint and Lemon are great alternatives and are generally considered safe for children as well.

Study buddy essential oil blend to help children stay focused while doing homework

No back-to-school post would be complete without talking about germs.  Close quarters and sharing desks and supplies can expose your children to a lot of bacteria and viruses, and the added stress of the school year can take a toll on their vulnerable immune systems.  Diffuse Immune Support or Defend Naturally when at home to strengthen their immune systems and help prevent common illnesses. You can also use our Defend Naturally remedy spray to spray down surfaces, doorknobs, and other commonly-touched areas to prevent the spread of germs.

 Diffuse Immune Support to help support your child's immune system

And there’s no escaping it - we have to talk about head lice. When it comes to lice, prevention is the name of the game. Add a few drops (aim for a 1% dilution) of Head Lice B’Gone synergistic blend to your child’s shampoo for a dose of daily prevention, or apply our Head Lice B’Gone natural remedy directly to the hair and scalp for more powerful protection.

Add Head Lice B'Gone to shampoo to help prevent head lice

And finally, sleep.  All of the changes surrounding returning to school can disrupt your children’s sleep schedule, and we all know that getting the right amount of restful sleep is SO important to brain development and overall health.  There are many ways you can use essential oils to help your child get a proper night’s rest, and it can be as easy as adding a few drops of Lavender to a tissue and tucking it inside your child’s pillowcase. You can also add a few drops of Lavender to water in a spray bottle (or use our pre-blended Sleepy Time air mist) and mist your child’s bed sheets and pillows before bed.  

Sleepy Time synergistic blend can help you relax and get better sleep               Use essential oils to help your child get better sleep

We all try our best as parents to support our children as they struggle through transitions like going back to school, and aromatherapy can be a great tool to add to your arsenal.  What is your favorite way to use essential oils to help your kids get through the school year?

Best essential oils for back to school

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