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Bath Soak

  • 1 min read


Well, it's Wednesday again. A mindset that many of us get stuck in...but what if today we think bigger than it is, just another Wednesday. What if we could use that proverbial hump to aid in thrusting us forward with our personal intentions set. Lock in the momentum for the rest of the week - and you might as well keep the momentum up through the next moon cycle.


As a way to increase our mindfulness while setting intentions, we have created an invigorating, earthy, and grounding soak to unwind after a long day. To make your own dilute 9 drops Eucalyptus, 7 drops Lavender, and 5 drops Cypress in Jojoba before adding it to about a 1/2 cup of our unscented bath salts.


Do you use self-care as a way to fortify your intention-setting process?


#wyndmerenaturals #essentialoils #aromatherapy #selfcare #intentionsetting #eucalyptus #lavender #cypress #MNlocal


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