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Beachy Hair Waves Spray

  • 2 min read

Beachy Hair Waves Spray

Who doesn’t love a good beachy wave? A look known for its perfectly tousled beautiful curls with just the right amount of messy. We sure do. While we wish we could go to the beach every day, sometimes we have to channel our inner mermaid on dry land. We ask this question though…why buy something at an inflated cost that is so simple and effective to make at home?

Here we have a #DIYrecipe for our perfect Beachy Hair Spray with Neroli, an essential oil that is steam-distilled from the flowers of the bitter orange tree. The scent is very calming and makes you feel happy and at peace. We once heard it described as smelling like a mix between orange with a bit of cinnamon and a hint of honey and we'd have to say that is pretty accurate. We love how this soft fresh essential oil blends with the saltiness of the Beachy Hair Spray in our recipe below. We’re talking serious mermaid vibes for sure.

To make our perfect Beachy Hair Spray, mix sea salt into warm water in a bowl until dissolved. Then mix your Neroli essential oil into Argan oil before adding it to the bowl with the salt water. Blend and pour into one of our 8oz mister bottles - or you can even split between a 2oz and a 6oz mister bottle so you can have one for home and one for #onthego.

-1 cup warm water

-1 tablespoon sea salt

-1-2 teaspoons Argan oil

-20-30 drops Neroli EO


You may not be able to go to the beach every day, but at least you can look like it.

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