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We decided to go a bit more unconventional and make a DIY soap with Cardamom essential oil as the main scent. We love Cardamom’s spicy-yet-sweet smelling aroma for its ability to revitalize and help aid concentration while also supporting a healthy respiratory system!

Here is what you will need…

-2 lbs organic goat’s milk melt and pour soap
-3-4 small natural loofahs
-1 heaping teaspoon ground ginger
-1 heaping teaspoon ground cardamom
-30-40 drops Cardamom essential oil

This should make 6-12 bars depending on your mood and how much you pour in each one.

To begin, cut your loofahs into the desired size. Place in molds and set aside.

Next, you will want to cut your soap base into small cubes and place in a double boiler to melt. Once the soap base has melted, pour it into a warmed liquid measuring cup with a spout and stir in the ground spices and Cardamom essential oil.

Now you are ready to pour the mixture over the loofahs in the molds.

Let cool, pop out, and wrap!

A great idea for wrapping DIY gifts is to use brown paper bags from the grocery store and decorate with twine and greenery (or maybe a piece of palo santo and a bay leaf).

Wondering what to do with your leftover Cardamom essential oil? Use it in your diffuser or add a couple drops to a pine cone in your holiday decorations around the house to help calm and relieve the stress of the season.  

We also enjoy this recipe with 20-30 drops Orange essential oil, 10 Clove Bud essential oil and two teaspoons of ground cinnamon! It's so fun to get creative and come up with new DIY recipes and blends! Share some of your favorite EO combos in the comment section below!

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