• Clary Sage

Clary Sage has a sweet, musky, spicy odor. It's a very relaxing and uplifting oil that helps ease emotional stress. Helps support healthy immune and reproductive systems.

N E W   M O O N  IN C A N C E R  - It is time to connect to your desires not on a superficial level but with what you truly want. But don’t forget that you may be sensitive to the energies of others and your surroundings so keep yourself grounded.

Today we are using our Clary Sage essential oil in our AromaVase diffuser as a way to relax and uplift while helping ease emotional stress. Breathe in Clary Sage, close your eyes, and imagine what it would feel like to attain your desires and goals. Do not come from the place of feeling the “wanting” instead allow yourself to feel as if you have already achieved those moments and goals, picture what that feels like.

This is a great time to journal your intentions and feelings, plant seeds of what you want to grow in your life, and move around what no longer serves you. Your power is in the choices you make today and every day. Your future is determined by it. Your freedom and joy are in your ability to live in alignment with your true values. Gather your grounding stones and take some time to care for your inner self. This is also a great time to cleanse your home and surroundings while taking a moment to be grateful for all that we already have abundantly in your life.

The new moon may not get as much attention as the full moon typically gets, not even a new SUPER MOON, but Earth’s oceans will feel it and you can bet that you will too.

What are you diffusing today and why?

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