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Day Three - Meditative Mood Oatmeal Bath Soak

  • 2 min read

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It’s here. The holiday season is upon us, and it’s easy to get caught up in the hectic craziness of it all. We at Wyndmere have taken some time to create the most luscious and decadent oatmeal bath soak to help remind us of the gift of self-care. Not just for ourselves, but also the perfect homemade gift for our loved ones this holiday season. Use our synergistic blend Meditative Mood to create the perfect moment to relax and find peace.

This recipe is pretty simple. The final product produces about six 4oz jars of bath soak - good for about four baths each! Here is what you will need:

-2 cups Wyndmere unscented bath salt
-2 cups Oatmeal (finely ground)
-1/2 cup Powdered MCT oil 
-30-55 drops Meditative Mood synergistic blend
-1/4 cup Dried Peppermint Leaves
-4oz Jars or containers of choice

First, you will want to place the oatmeal into a food processor and grind until it becomes a soft powder that will dissolve slowly into hot bath water after only a few minutes. Pour into a large mixing bowl and stir in the bath salt, powdered MCT oil, and dried peppermint leaves.

The powdered MCT oil helps dilute the essential oil while providing additional emollient properties to this soak. Enjoy the gentle aroma that dried peppermint offers without overpowering the scent of the blend.

Lastly add your Meditative Mood synergistic blend, always remembering that it’s easy to add more but it’s next to impossible to remove. So, add slowly making sure you have just the right amount.

We love this recipe for the simple fact that baths at home are a great time to sit with gratitude and can be a gift that keeps on giving. During a bath, it is nice to meditate on what you have in your current moment and on how grateful you feel for it. Push away the negative and allow only the highest vibrations to enter your mind, all while gathering the strength and mental stamina to conquer this holiday season with a clear mind and healthy body.

PS: DIY projects can be an easy and fun activity to do with the family. A great pre-bedtime activity to ease into a relaxing night’s sleep for all. The gifts that keep on giving are those that start with love.

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