• Day Two - Peppermint and Vanilla Lip Scrub

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Day 2 of our #12DaysOfWyndmereDIY brings you a delightful lip scrub recipe that you will be excited to gift to your friends and family. We have created something truly spectacular using Papaya Powder, which contains enzymes that help to exfoliate gently without any harsh or abrasive chemicals. We’ve also added high-quality emollients like shea and cocoa butter that leaves behind soft, smooth, moisturized skin.
In addition to exfoliating away dead skin and dry patches, this scrub will moisturize and reduce hyper-pigmentation. Count us in!
Here is what you will need.

-25 drops Peppermint EO
-20 drops Vanilla Absolute (in jojoba)
-3 tbsp Beeswax
-2/3 cup Shea butter
-1/2 cup cocoa butter
-1 cup green papaya powder

To begin, use a double boiler to melt the beeswax and cocoa butter. Once that has melted and blended together, add the shea butter while continuously stirring. When the shea butter has completely integrated into the mixture, remove it from heat and let it cool slightly. (Mixture should not solidify during this time.) Now is time to stir in papaya powder and oils. Add gradually while mixing.
Now you are ready to pour into containers of choice - you can go small or big, it’s really up to you. Let cool. Label. Wrap. Give. It’s really quite simple once all is said and done, leaving you with a gift scented perfectly for the holiday season and so crucial during the cold dry months that are winter.

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