• Defend Naturally On Furnace And Vacuum Filters

Wyndmere Defend Naturally synergistic blend diy used on your vacuum cleaner & furnace filter

A small bottle of Defend Naturally is packed with benefits and uses. With pure essential oils of Lemon, Cinnamon, Lavender, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Clove Bud, Elemi, & Thyme, it is a great way to keep your home healthy.

We have two fun life hacks to share with you today!

  1. Defend Naturally and your vacuum filter

Whether replacing or cleaning your vacuum filter, just a few drops of our Defend Naturally Synergistic Blend will help improve not only the overall health of your vacuum but the air in your room. (Especially for those of us with pets!)  Sprinkle 5-6 drops of the blend over your filter and enjoy.

  1. Defend Naturally for your furnace filter

This one is a good one and so simple. 10-20 drops of this Synergistic Blend on a fresh furnace filter will not only make your home smell AMAZING it will help improve the air quality as it diffuses through your vents. Win-win.

There are truly countless uses for this powerhouse blend. Try using our spray version by spritzing it onto palms and rubbing together until dry to keep germs at bay.

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