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DIY Supplies For The Coming Season

  • 1 min read

Re-upping your DIY supplies for the coming season

Last week we posted about organizing our DIY stockpiles. A necessary evil that must be conquered - we like to be ready to make gifts for the holiday season and keep busy through the colder months of the year! Re-upping on low stocks and new ingredients is the next step to an efficient crafting season. While we offer many ingredients like essential oils, carrier oils, lotions, creams, and salts, there are a few things we source elsewhere.

So now that you’ve organized your stockpile…you may be looking to replenish a few necessary ingredients. You don’t have to go far, your first step should be to check your local co-op! They have amazing options, especially if you check the bulk section…and you may just get inspired looking at what they offer!

Today we wanted to spotlight some of our favorite go-to ingredients we use for the DIY projects that we don’t offer on our website.

Here are a few of our favorites that we have tried out recently and loved!

Beeswax- @amesfarms

Cocoa butter- @wildfoodsco

Shea butter- @bettersheabutter

Powdered coconut oil- @vivanaturals

Papaya powder-@znaturalfoods

Pink French Clay- @ravenmoonlightbotanicals

Matcha powder- @eastsidecoop (Check your local coop in the bulk section)

Coconut oil- @vivanaturals

Melt & pour soap base- Our Earth’s Secrets found on @amazon

If you’re looking for other recommendations just ask below! 

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