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Essential Oils for Getting Back to School

  • 3 min read

Essential Oils for Getting Back to School

Back to school season is just around the corner! Getting back into the swing of things for a new year can be a difficult yet exciting time for students. Essential oils can help you stay on track with your busy schedule and ease the transition from summer vacation to school! Here are our best tips for incorporating aromatherapy into your daily routine this fall.

Best Essential Oils for Calming the Nerves and Reducing Stress

The thought of returning to school can be nerve-racking for many. With new adjustments there comes added stress and anxieties. We have the best essential oils to help soothe your worried mind:

  • Chamomile, Mandarin, and Lavender are all great pure essential oils used to help soothe anxiety and stress. Try adding a few drops to an AromaKey or AromaPod as you drive to school in the morning. Or you can diffuse your favorite oil in a diffuser before going to bed at night to help you wind down. Or combine all three for a relaxing experience.

Best Essential Oils for Concentration and Focus

Getting back into the “school mode” after summer break can be challenging, especially trying to stay on task and keep focused on schoolwork. Here are our most popular oil blends to help you with your necessary duties as a student:

  • Spearmint and Lemon are great pure essential oils to use when studying to help perk you up and keep you alert.

  • DIY Recipe “Study Buddy” - this is our favorite blend of pure essential oils that help to enhance memory, concentration, clarity, and one’s ability to stay alert. Add 7 drops of Rosemary, 4 drops of Peppermint, 4 drops of Grapefruit, and 3 drops of Cedarwood.  Add the blend to 1 oz of distilled water in a mister bottle or add a few drops to a diffuser to use while studying .

  • Studies have shown that smelling the same scent while studying and while taking a test helps with memory recall. You can take your favorite essential oil for concentration to school with you using a diffuser necklace or bracelet. Our AromaPods can also be an option for throwing into a backpack or book bag. However, you should always check with your school about any policy they may have about essential oils.

Best Essential Oils for Getting to Sleep

Have the changes surrounding returning to school disrupted your sleep schedule? We all know how important it is to ensure you are getting the right amount of sleep as a student to keep you energized and healthy. Use the following essential oils to help you get a good night’s rest:

  • Lavender - Two of the main effects of the commonly used Lavender essential oil are relaxation and calming, making it a wonderful oil to use at night. This versatile essential oil can be used in many ways, one of our favorites being our DIY linen spray! Mist over your pillows and sheets before bed to help you nod off quickly.


  • Sleepy Sheep - This blend of 8 drops Marjoram, 5 drops Lavender, 4 drops Mandarin, and 2 drops Ylang Ylang essential oils is the perfect ingredient for a good night’s sleep. We suggest adding a few drops to a diffuser before heading to bed.

Back to School With Wyndmere

As you transition from summer break to the new school year, aromatherapy can be a great tool to have in your backpack. We at Wyndmere believe these essential oil tips will be able to help you face the challenges that come with balancing self-care and student life.

In what ways do you use essential oils throughout your day-to-day life as an active student?  Comment below!

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