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Full Moon in Aquarius

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Try blending 7 drops Mandarin to uplift and calm and 3 drops Cedarwood and 1 drop of Bay to ground and connect your mind and spirit. Add this blend to your diffuser and breathe in the sedative relief.

Full Moon in Aquarius

The Full Moon is waxing into Aquarius and for cultures that celebrate the July Full Moon it is known as the 'blessing moon.' Fruit is ready for picking, thank you cards are written, and intentions are ready to be sent into the world. There is no better way to show your love for those around you, or for yourself than to treat your sacred space with love and care. Essential oils are a great way to motivate a new energy, create a positive mood, and even make clear your loving intentions.

This Full Moon in Aquarius should be used as a time of self-reflection, self-growth, and a time to purge that which does not serve you. During times like this, olfactory reminders are a pleasant way to kick-start the senses and assert your power over your sacred space! Try blending 7 dropsMandarin to uplift and calm and 3 dropsCedarwoodand 1 drop ofBay to ground and connect your mind and spirit. Add this blend to yourdiffuser and breathe in the sedative relief.

As an added ritual, try writing your positive intentions and hopes on the back of a Bay leaf and throwing it into the campfire as you make s’mores. It can be a great way to put fire into action, and the addedBay essential oil blended into your diffuser acts as a reminder of these intentions all throughout the moon cycle.

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