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Juniper Berry

Juniper BerryWith its sweet, fresh, woody-balsamic aroma, Juniper Berry is loved for its ability to help focus mentally. Traditionally used for its powerful detoxifying properties.
Some essential oils are worth more than a few words. Sometimes we can’t help but find ourselves telling everyone we know just how EXTRAORDINARY ourJuniper Berry is. With its sweet, fresh, woody-balsamic aroma,Juniper Berryis loved for its ability to help focus mentally. Traditionally used for its powerful detoxifying properties, this essential oil is a favorite among those who use it in their lifestyle.

In aromatherapy, it can be used as a spiritual & emotional aide. Juniper Berry has been known to be used to cleanse and purify the air while the inhalation of the scent helps increase focus. Another fun use forJuniper Berry is as an aide in ritual crystal cleansing. So cool!

Because of its antispasmodic properties, Juniper Berry essential oil has been revered since antiquity for its ability to relieve minor cramps, and stomach pains can be eased by massaging with Juniper Berry diluted in your favoritecarrier oil.

We think Juniper Berry is a shining star used alone, but it also blends well withClary Sage, with citrus essential oils likeOrange,Bergamot, or Grapefruit, or with woody oils likeCedarwood, orSandalwood to create custom roll-on perfumes and colognes.

Found abundantly throughout Europe, ourJuniper Berry essential oil is extracted by steam distillation of the berries of this beautifully versatile plant. Allow its therapeutic benefits to soothe your mind, body, and soul today!

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Nesstate Flora

Nesstate Flora

August 14, 2020

Thanks for the information.



August 14, 2020

Interesting blog.

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