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Linden Blossom

 Linden Blossom  

Here in Minnesota, the Linden trees are in full effect with their beautiful soft scent filling our neighborhoods. We love watching the bees buzzing around their little creamy blossoms, making this one of our favorite times of the year. Did you know that Linden Blossom is loaded with health benefits, and provides empowerment to our friends the bees? The blossoms provide generous amounts of nectar for the bees to make honey.

Linden Blossom has a sweet, floral aroma that can offer benefits for relaxation, mental calming, sleep enhancement, and stress reduction. The heart-shaped leaves remind us that it has been used with care for centuries to help support healthy cardiovascular and circulatory systems. Linden Blossom has a family-friendly reputation for its traditional use in keeping children healthy.

Help fight stress and anxiety by adding a few drops of Linden Blossom to your homemade soaps, massage oils, air mists, or even skin creams. We love putting a few drops onto our yoga mats before our morning stretch to add that extra level of mindfulness.  

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