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New Year, New You: Best Essential Oils to Detoxify

  • 3 min read

New Year, New You: Best Essential Oils to Detoxify

Feeling weighed down by the overindulgences of the season? The new year is a time for purification - out with the old, in with the new. Or in this case, out with the bad, in with the good!

Detoxifying often conjures images of cleansing juice diets and deprivation, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Essential oils can be a powerful tool in your detoxification process. Read on for our favorite tips and products.

How do Essential Oils Detoxify the Body?

To make things simple, we have formulated a custom blend of the best essential oils for helping clear the body of toxins. As an added benefit, our Detoxification Aide Synergistic Blend also helps support healthy immune and lymphatic systems, which is much needed during the winter season. It includes the following powerhouse essential oils:

  • Grapefruit – Best essential oil to help with water retention and bloating; refreshing and uplifting.
  • Orange – Helps remove toxins from congested skin through its sweating action.
  • Juniper Berry - Best essential oil to help remove toxins, help with water retention, and help tone the skin due to its astringent properties.
  • Lemon – Has a cleansing action on the body helping to eliminate toxins; energizing.
  • Patchouli – Its diuretic properties help with water retention.
  • Rosemary – Its stimulating tonic action makes this one of the best essential oils to help remove toxins and improve circulation.
  • May Chang - Has astringent properties that help tone the skin; deodorizing and cleansing.
  • Black Pepper – Its warming action makes this one of the best essential oils to improve circulation and neutralize toxins; balancing.
  • Vetiver – Helps improve circulation; rejuvenating.

Best Ways to Use Essential Oils for Detoxification

One of the best ways to use essential oils to help rid your body of toxins is topically. It’s easy too! Just add 8-10 drops of our Detoxification Aide Synergistic Blend to your bath. Alternatively, we also offer this blend in a ready-to-use bath salt. Or add 20 drops of this blend of essential oils per ounce of unscented lotions, creams, or carrier oils and apply after a bath or shower.  This allows the oils to absorb into the skin and work their magic! 

If you prefer to DIY, you can customize your favorite detoxifying essential oils and add them to our unscented bath salts, carrier oils, lotion, and cream.

Best Essential Oils for Setting Intentions, Goals, and Resolutions

Part of our detoxification process always involves setting intentions and resolutions for the new year. The positive attributes of essential oils can help us focus and stay grounded while motivating and setting the mood. Some of our favorite essential oils for the job are:

  • Frankincense: One of the best essential oils to help alleviate fear and worry. Frankincense is also said to encourage creativity, concentration, and inspiration.
  • Clary Sage: Its name comes from “Clarus,” which is the Latin word for “clear.” This is exactly why we love it for goal-setting. It helps you gain a clear mind and plan a path forward. This essential oil is noted for its ability to boost mental strength, hope, confidence, self-esteem and help reduce anxiety. That’s why we think everyone should always have a bottle of this powerful essential oil on hand!

Diffuse these essential oils while journaling, meditating, or whatever your goal-setting process is to get the juices flowing.

How do you like to start off your new year? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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