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Pink Himalayan Salt Grapefruit Soap

  • 2 min read

Treat your skin with our newest DIY! Our Pink Himalayan Grapefruit Soap recipe is live on our blog right now!

Finding summer solutions for our skin might be one of our favorite things ever! For today’s recipe, we wanted to create something light, bright, and fragrant that would leave our skin feeling just that.

We love our collection of soaps. Seriously we love to love them…but sometimes you just want to switch it up and make something fun and new. Step in organic goat’s milk soap base! A simple way to make your own soap by simply melting, adding ingredients, pouring, and cooling. If it sounds simple…that’s because it is. 

A perfect soap to use in your morning shower, this pink Himalayan salt grapefruit soap has the familiar, citrusy scent of grapefruit to wake up your mind and uplift your mood. Pink Himalayan salt is said to detoxify the skin and balance pH, while also acting as an exfoliator. Your skin will be smooth and clean, and your shower will smell delicious! 

To make this particular DIY you will need to gather the following items:

-1 pound goat’s milk soap base

-1/4 cup ground Himalayan salt

-15-20 drops Grapefruit EO

-Soap Molds

-Coconut Oil 

If you don’t care for Grapefruit EO you can sub in another single note or try one of our Synergistic Blends in place of it and enjoy the synergy of multiple essential oils working together.

To make…

Prepare the soap molds by lightly greasing them with coconut oil. Cut the soap base into chunks, and then melt the chunks in a double boiler. (The soap base can also be melted in the microwave: place chunks in a glass bowl, and microwave for 30 seconds. Stir, then microwave for 10-20 more seconds, until the base has melted completely.) Remove from heat and add your Grapefruit essential oil. Stir in salt and pour the mixture into your molds. Allow soap to set for at least two hours before removing from molds. 


Recipe sourced from the book -  Essential Oils - Natural Healing for Body and Soul

Publications International, Ltd. Morton Grove, IL 60053

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