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What are the Best Essential Oils for an Outdoor Spray?

  • 2 min read

What Are the Best Essential Oils for an Outdoor Spray?

The number one question this time of year is about which essential oils are the best for keeping flying insects at bay. Experts on the subject recommend Citronella, so we are taking a moment to share our favorite outdoor spray starring Citronella and the following essential oils:

The 5 Best Essential Oils for the Outdoors

  • Citronella has a fresh grassy, lemony scent and is commonly used to ward off insects. It also has a calming and uplifting effect on the nervous system and can help ease headaches. Citronella acts as a general tonic for the body, helping to relax the body and combat fatigue. It is often used in skincare products to impart a fresh scent.
  • Eucalyptus Lemon (Eucalyptus citriodora) is remarkable for its lemony, citronella-like fragrance. It is a powerful deodorant and can be added to household cleaners, soaps, and detergents to help disinfect. Studies have shown that Eucalyptus citriodora is very effective in deterring insects.
  • Lemongrass has a penetrating lemony herbaceous scent and has a very soothing effect on emotions. Lemongrass is a good essential oil to use when emotionally or physically lethargic or when needing help focusing. Both the plant and the essential oil have been used for centuries to deter insects.
  • Geranium, widely used as an ingredient in perfumes throughout the world, has a sweet floral smell similar to Rose. It's uplifting, mentally balancing, and helpful in relieving stress and anxiety. It's great for skin care because it helps to balance sebum. Studies have shown it to be effective in deterring ticks.
  • Lavender has a subtle, sweet floral scent and is the best essential oil to use on minor wounds like cuts and scrapes, bug bites, sunburns, and minor burns. Lavender is great for skin care and helps soothe irritated and sensitive skin. Of course, it is widely known as the best essential oil for relaxation as it helps calm stress and anxiety, eases headaches, and promotes restful sleep. Lavender essential oil is a must-have for every home first aid kit.

How To Make an Outdoor Spray

To one ounce water, add 5 drops each CitronellaEucalyptus LemonLemongrassGeranium, and Lavender in a 1 ounce mister bottle.

Whether out on the lake, hiking, reading outdoors, or sitting by a campfire, we love this spray so much we take it everywhere. This is one recipe we can't help repeating. 

The essential oils in this recipe are nontoxic, non-irritant, and generally non-sensitizing, making it safe for use with children and pets - but always be sure to dilute your essential oils. Use this spray on your entire family, including pets.  

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