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Hit the streets this summer looking and smelling like the goddess you are. All it takes is a couple of minutes out of your day and you will have your newest hair care obsession. 
Are you looking for a new fresh and energizing diffuser blend for these lovely early days of summer?

Try combining two drops each of ​Bergamot​, ​Grapefruit​,​ Lemon​, ​Limeand ​Orange​ essential oils to your diffuser.

We love citrus essential oils for summer diffuser blends because they're so refreshing and uplifting!

Summer is officially here!   We have a recipe for a Patio Furniture Cleaning Spray DIY to share with you all.

Kids and adults alike can get sick suddenly and without warning. That’s why we like to be as prepared as we possibly can at all times. We often make this vapor chest rub with Breathe Blend to give to friends and family as a gift so they can be just as prepared. Just follow the recipe below to make your own.
By this time every winter, Minnesotans are ready to be done.  Here we’re giving you our two most favorite diffuser blends to help you through the last few weeks of winter.  Pop these into your diffuser and let these fresh scents transport you.
Dry hands and nails don’t have to be a “winter thing.” Avoid cracked cuticles and keep your fingertips looking fresh with our DIY cuticle rescue recipe.  Ylang Ylang, Orange, and Carrot Seed essential oils give this cuticle cream its amazing scent and add to its healing properties.
This ULTIMATE winter lip scrub with our Coffee Absolute is a great way to exfoliate and will leave your lips feeling soft and supple!