AromaSens Black

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AromaSens - Ultrasonic Nebulizer

AromaSens How To Video - Please take a moment to read your instructions. It could help your diffuser to continue to operate at its best.

This unit is a very simple, safe and convenient way to enjoy aromatherapy.  Transform your rooms with the pleasing scents of nature. Just add water and then add a few drops of our therapeutic essential oils or synergistic blends. You can use a different scent in each room of your home: Lavender in a bedroom to calm a restless child; Joyful Spirit in the family room; and Lemon or Citrus Delight in the kitchen for that clean aroma

This diffuser uses a high frequency vibration to convert the essential oils and water into a fine cool mist which is dispersed into the air. In this form the essential oils are easily absorbed into the body for optimum therapeutic benefits. The unit is digitally controlled to automatically stop misting whenever the water level is low. Simply fill with more water and essential oils to restart diffusing.

FEATURES: Continuous or intermittent mist selection; 1 or 2-hour timer options; tank capacity is approximately 5 fluid ounces, operating up to 3 1/2 hours or more. Blue LED lights with ON/OFF feature. External Dimensions 7" x 4 3/4" x 4 1/2".

Includes: Diffuser, Power adapter, Cover, Nozzle. AROMASENS MANUAL

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