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Uplifting Rise & Shine Bundle

"Our choices in essential oils (EOs) reflect our emotional and physical needs. We have combined Grapefruit EO, which is our favorite for energizing and uplifting, along with Orange EO, known for its sweet and fruity aroma, to help alleviate stress and promote a positive outlook. For an added boost of confidence, add Jasmine Absolute to the blend, which has a rich aroma that could give you that "get 'em tiger" vibe.

  • Grapefruit oil uplifts mood and improves skin tone, especially for oily skin. It may also help with muscle fatigue and boost immunity.
  • Orange essential oil has a sweet aroma and offers numerous benefits. It can reduce stress, fight fatigue, improve mental clarity, strengthen the body, boost immunity, and improve skin health by toning the skin, reducing wrinkles, and improving complexion.
  • Jasmine has a warm, floral scent that promotes emotional balance and confidence. It supports healthy reproductive, immune and respiratory systems and is moisturizing for hair and skin. Diluted to 3% in Jojoba oil makes it more affordable.
  • Jojoba carrier oil is highly absorbent and can help balance the skin. It's perfect for diluting essential oils so they can be safely absorb by the skin's epidermis.