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Testimonials from the Clinical Setting

Wyndmere Customer Testimonials Regarding Aromatherapy in the Clinical Setting

“The Banner Health aromatherapy pilot program has been successful with improving patient satisfaction and outcomes according to our patient survey results… Approximately 97% of patients who used aromatherapy reported a positive benefit from their treatment."
“Aromatherapy provides our patients with a cost effective, value-added service which promotes natural relief from common patient concerns. Five custom aromatherapy blends are available: pain relief, anxiety relief, nausea relief, insomnia relief, drowsiness and fatigue relief."
"Our nurses and doctors recommend aromatherapy to their patients, and patients love it!”
- Banner Integrative Health Discipline Team
“Last year, Methodist Hospital’s Family Birth Center introduced aromatherapy as an option to help patients deal with anxiety, pain, and nausea. ‘Our goal is to create a calm and supportive environment,’ says Katherine T., RN, Family Birth Center’s Director of Clinical Nursing. ‘It’s amazing to see a laboring woman who is anxious and in pain begin to relax from a simple Lavender aromatherapy patch.’”
- Methodist Hospital Family Birth Center
"I use essential oils with pediatric patients almost every day in my clinical work. Kids love the calming oils for sleep (such as lavender and sweet orange), the energizing oils for homework like lemon and peppermint, and many have found that spearmint is helpful for nausea. These are safe, effective, and kids are very compliant with using them!"
- Timothy C., MD, FAAP, Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrician;  Medical Director of Ridgeview Specialty Clinic - Pediatric Integrative Medicine
"After learning about the benefits of using essential oils for nausea and anxiety, I started to advocate for their use in our peri-operative care at Ridgeview Medical Center as well as our Emergency Department.  We have found that patients are not only interested in trying them, but are also appreciative of being offered another option for management of their symptoms.  I have also found that engaging patients and healthcare providers alike around treatment of bothersome symptoms can be rewarding for all of us.  I routinely use the essential oil of lavender as one of my treatments for anxiety and peppermint or spearmint oil for nausea, both common symptoms in healthcare settings."
- Laurie D., MD, MPH, Ridgeview Medical Center
“Using aromatherapy at the bedside has been very helpful to improve my patients comfort level while hospitalized.  Multi-trauma patients require multiple nursing interventions to help control their pain and anxiety.  Patients are generally open to trying aromatherapy as an adjunct therapy to their current treatment.   Aromatherapy is a safe and effective treatment to administer in an acute care setting.  Mandarin, Lavender, and Marjoram are three essential oils I have used in a clinical setting. I will continue to advocate for the use of aromatherapy for all patients.”
- Melissa H., RN, North Memorial Medical Center - Trauma
"The use of essential oils/aromatherapy is one of the first 'go to' approaches we use at our clinic when introducing families to the power of self-care, self-regulation and self-calming.  Most commonly, we help kids and their families incorporate the use of aromatherapy into their daily lives to combat anxiety, improve mood, decrease and better manage stress, to stay focused, to alert their brains during the day, to calm their brains and bodies at night for sleep, and for stomachaches, nausea, and headaches, and other physical complaints.  Kids love that aromatherapy is something they can be in control of, that they can share with others, and that is immediately effective. Parents love that their kids are empowered with a tool that is concrete, safe, and helps them to grow and move beyond some of life's difficult times. It's a win-win for all!"
- Anastasia S., PhD, Licensed Psychologist, Ridgeview Specialty Clinic - Pediatric Integrative Medicine
“As a nurse in the recovery room, I regularly see patients in distress, pain or nausea, benefit from Wyndmere's essential oils and patches; in fact, I can't sing Wyndmere’s praises enough!  We use the lavender, mandarin, spearmint, peppermint, and ginger currently.  We are very pleased with the results seen from using clinical aromatherapy with the post-surgical patients.  Just having the aromatherapy option brings us closer to our goal of having more personalized and remarkable care.  Our patients may not understand why it works but they know something is helping them feel better.”
- Julie A., RN, North Memorial Medical Center – PACU
“We are so excited to have the Wyndmere products available to our psychiatric patients!  In times of anxiety or an escalation in behavior we frequently use them bring the "calm" back.  We also use them for deep breathing exercises; again to encourage a sense of calm and peace.”  
- Michelle B., RN, North Memorial Medical Center  - Psychiatry & Integrative Care Unit 
"As a massage and bodywork therapist, I use essential oils with just about every patient. I use them via inhalation and dilution in lotion or oil for topical application. I use them most for digestion, GI concerns, uplifting spirit (orange), cooling, headaches, nausea, or upset stomach, anxiety, and fatigue (spearmint), and uplifting, antioxidant, supportive to the nervous and parasympathetic nervous system (lemon).  I regularly hear reports from kids coming into their session with strong head or stomach pain that their pain is much, much less after the use of essential oils during massage, energy work, and bodywork (acupressure)." 
- Pauline B., B.S., NCTMB, CMLDT, CPMT, CIMT, USUI Reiki Master, Ridgeview Specialty Clinic - Pediatric Integrative Medicine
“The Inhalation Patches from Wyndmere have been great to offer our patients to help them with nausea and relaxation.  The aroma from the essential oil on the patch lasts anywhere from 6 to 8 hours.  They are quick and easy to apply.  The cost makes them very affordable.”
- Debra R., ANP-BC, PNP-BC, CCAP, CH, St. Clare Hospital - Healthy Living Center
“Spearmint essential oil works great for my late afternoon academic therapy students.  While completing homework and learning new study strategies, my students sniff spearmint or enjoy a tissue with a few drops on their table to keep their brain energized and focused!” 
- Anji J., M.Ed, Ridgeview Specialty Clinic - Pediatric Integrative Medicine Clinic Coordinator and Academic Therapist