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Everyday Clean Shower Bundle

To create your own homemade shower spray, you will need a 4oz spray bottle. Lemon, tea tree, and clove essential oils.They are known to possess anti-fungal properties. Use 1oz white vinegar and 3oz distilled or filtered water. Begin by adding essential oil drops into the spray bottle. Next, fill the bottle with vinegar and water until it is nearly full. Before each use, shake the bottle well to ensure the essential oils are evenly distributed. Apply the mist daily and use a squeegee or let it dry naturally for optimal results.

If you prefer an all-over fresh scent, use a diffuser at the same time as your cleaning spray. Simply add half the amount of essential oil drops to the diffuser and let it diffuse throughout the room. This will create a more subtle and longer-lasting aroma, making it perfect for spring cleaning.