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Ants Away

  • 1 min read

Nobody likes having ants IN their home, yet in the same breath nobody really wants to lay poison down all over their home either. Especially when you have children and pets. Here at Wyndmere Naturals we’re all about natural solutions and this DIY is no exception.

To make, simply take an 8oz spray bottle and add…

-15 drops Cedarwood

-10 drops Patchouli

-10 drops Peppermint

-10 drops Tea Tree

-10 drops Vetiver

Along with…

-¼ cup rubbing alcohol or vodka

Top off with water. It’s really that simple.

To use, spray around the perimeter of your home concentrating on doors, windows, and spots you know they like to congregate. Make sure to shake before each use!

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