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Aromakey USB diffuser. Aromatherapy everywhere you

AromaKey~ Your key to the benefits of aromatherapy where ever you go! 
The AromaKey is like a friend you get to bring everywhere with you. It’s always there to say “you can do it” with an uplifting scent or “hey man, chill out” on those days when you need something more to get you through. We love that this nifty little unit, when plugged in, is able to turn any USB port into an instant aromatherapy session. Use it at home plugged into your laptop computer. Use in the car. Use at work. Use EVERYWHERE! (that is with respect to those around you). We think it’s a pretty cool and affordable way to incorporate essential oils into your daily routines.
One of our favorite ways to use the AromaKey at work to help increase mental clarity and fight fatigue is to use 3 drops of Clary Sage essential oil with 1 drop of Peppermint essential oil. This combination also helps uplift and energize.
Click the link and get yourself a little friend to always be there when you need one…(because hey man, why not.)
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