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Wyndmere Homemade Aromatherapy Bracelet

  • 2 min read

We have a fun DIY aromatherapy necklace today for day 9 of 12 Days of Wyndmere! Don’t forget to share all your finished 12 days DIYs with the hashtag #12daysofWyndmereDIY so we can see your #giftshandmadewithlove.
This pattern is one of the easiest to start with. Here is what you’ll need.
-embroidery floss
-14 mm lava beads
-additional beads or dangles (optional)
-iron head pin jewelry findings
-round tip jewelry pliers
Step by Step
Step 1
Start with six 5ft strands (this makes a longer style necklace - for a shorter look you can go down to as much as 3ft) in your choice of color and tie off with two small knots in the center, creating two sides to work from the middle to the ends.
Step 2
Working from a middle knot, take one of the strings and make forward knots around ALL of the other strings, almost making a backwards four. After about an inch worth of knots this way, change to a new string.
Step 3
Repeat, every inch or so changing strings keeping all strings about the same length.
Step 4
Once you have about 6in of a wrapped necklace, tie a knot. Pull strands tight and tie a second knot.
Step 5
Now repeat and mirror on another side.
Step 6
Now that we’ve finished the “chain” it’s time to move on to the lava bead pendant. This is a great time to personalize your project - you can add a feather, tassel, or even fun crystals and stones to your necklace.
We are keeping it simple with graduating sized beads including a small garnet, a powerful energizing and regenerative stone. Placed with love and intention to help bring balance to a stressful season.
To make, place bead onto iron head pin findings from small to large. Use round jewelry pliers to create a bale by wrapping twice around plier. Loop into the middle of the “chain” before wrapping the end of the wire around the base of the bale and bead, tightly tucking the end into the top of the bead.
Tie the back of the necklace together and you’re done!  Gift with your loved one’s favorite Wyndmere essential oil or synergistic blend. All they have to do is add a drop or two to the lava beads, let it soak in for a minute, and wipe off the excess oil before wearing.
Our favorites to wear during the hectic holiday season include our Emotional Rescue, Peaceful Mind, and Stress Relief synergistic blends. 

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