• Dilution And Doses For Your DIY

There are a few different ways to measure and dilute your essential oils.

Dilution And Doses For Your DIY

There are a few different ways to measure and dilute your essential oils. Some may choose to measure by the drop either from an insert called a reducer or by a glass pipette. Others prefer using measuring spoons, especially when mixing larger amounts. Any of these choices work depending on the container you're using for your DIY.  

Most dilution rates should be 3% or less for topical use. An example would be 3 drops of essential oil to 97 drops of carrier oil. This dilution rate would be considered safe and effective for most aromatherapy applications. The exception would be for children, pregnant women, the elderly, or anyone weakened from chronic illness. In those cases, a 1% dilution is recommended although even less might be appropriate.  

Always remember in aromatherapy, more is not better. Too great a concentration can lead to an unwanted reaction. The following is standard dilutions and conversions.

  • 1 percent dilution: 6 drops per ounce

  • 2 percent dilution: 12 drops (about ⅛ teaspoon) per ounce

  • 3 percent dilution: 18 drops (a little less than ¼ teaspoon) per ounce

Measurement Conversions


Dilution Range

Facial Cosmetics

0.2 - 1.5%

Body Massage

1.5 - 3%

Bath & Body Products

1 - 3%

Approximate measurement Conversion Chart

12 drops

⅛ tsp

1/48 oz.

⅙ dram

⅝ ml.

25 drops

¼ tsp

1/24 oz.

⅓ dram

1 ¼ ml.

100 drops

1 tsp

⅙ oz.

1⅓ dram


150 drops

1½ tsp

¼ oz.

2 drams

7.5 ml

300 drops

1 Tbsp

½ oz.

4 drams

15 ml.

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