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Lime Essential Oil

Summer has us leaning hard on citrus essential oils. They are little bits-of-sunshine that are bright and sweet and come in little blue bottles.


Our exquisite LIME just might be our favorite of the bunch with its fresh scent and its ability to be mentally uplifting and refreshing. A couple noteworthy facts about our Lime essential oil is that it is steam distilled, so unlike cold pressed Lime, it is not phototoxic. Therefore, you can feel free to add it to lotions, balms, and other body products without worrying about sun exposure! And Lime blends well with many oils that are appealing in men’s body care products.

Isn’t it funny that something as synonymous with summer as citrus is actually at its high season during the winter time? Keeping this little bit of liquid sunshine handy can really help in those cold winter months.

For a fun #DIY bright summer scent simply add 6 drops each Lime, Grapefruit, Bergamot, and Sandalwood in one of our cobalt blue roller bottles and top off with a carrier oil of your choice.
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