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Matcha & White Clay Mask (Lavender Hydrosol)

  • 1 min read

Lavender Hydrosol Matcha & White Clay Mask


We love finding new indulgent ways to add simple acts of self-care into our routines. Today we have a crazy amazing face mask using matcha green tea powder (from @eastsidecoop), white clay, Wyndmere’s Lavender hydrosol, and our secret ingredient:  unsweetened rice milk.

Lavender Hydrosol is floral water that is very balancing and a good option for all skin types. Because it’s water-soluble, it is best stored in the refrigerator after use which also heightens its calming and soothing action.

Rice milk has a natural brightening effect on the skin leaving a gentle glow behind and helping to even skin tone.

Matcha powder has extraordinary benefits that go beyond internal health. Matcha is not only an amazing exfoliant but has been chosen for its reputation as an antioxidant and its history of being used for its anti-inflammatory properties.

White clay is a very fine, soft, and light powder with naturally absorbent properties. We love how gentle and smooth it is on our skin. It is also a great option for almost all skin types, working really well for normal, oily, and dry skin types as well as mature skin.

To make this yourself you will want to combine in a jar

-1/2 cup white clay

-2 T matcha green tea powder

To finish, add equal parts rice milk and Lavender Hydrosol until you have reached your desired consistency. Smooth onto face and wait until it’s dry before washing off. To finish, mist on our Lavender Hydrosol as a toner before moisturizing with one of our beautiful creams or lotions to finish up.  

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