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New Moon in March ~ Featuring Frankincense

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Frankincense and your favorite crystals


New Moon 

March’s New Moon brings the sun in conjunction with Neptune, increasing sensitivity, intuition, and empathy. While you feel yourself being more affected by the thoughts and feelings of others and your environment, it is good to remember that it is up to you to channel this mayhem of energy into positive experiences and avoid the negative.

Beware though, if you have a tendency to be drained by the negativity of others, it would be a good idea to protect yourself by setting some boundaries.

Creating these healthy boundaries may feel difficult, as you might find yourself feeling guilty or anxious about others’ reactions. Whatever you do, don’t let that influence you to neglect learning how to set healthy boundaries.

Our favorite EO for just this purpose is Frankincense! It has an amazing ability to shield both body and soul from negative influences. Allow yourself to let go of lower vibrations, lies, negativity, and deceptions while giving way to space for creating new perspectives based on light and truth. Try diffusing it on its own or making a roll-on to use throughout the day!

You are loved and protected and just like Frankincense, you can be strong while still remaining soft.

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