• Rose For Valentine's


With VALENTINE'S DAY around the corner we thought we would post about ROSE, also known as Rose Otto, it has an exquisite, rich floral fragrance. It is excellent for skin care, particularly mature, dry or sensitive skin. Millions of petals have to be distilled to create just a few ounces of this prized oil. This is why Rose EO is so expensive when sold neat. Already diluted in Jojoba at 3% most find this to the most accessible way to use Rose EO but you can always get a 2 ml bottle of Rose Otto neat if you prefer.

In aromatherapy Rose Otto EO been used to inspire mental calmness and emotional stability. With a comforting aroma and a balancing & rejuvenating action, this EO has widely been believed through the century’s to have strong anti-depressant and uplifting properties. Invoking feelings of joy, happiness, hope, and love.

Spirituality speaking Rose Otto EO is used during meditation and prayer and is known to help strengthen and balance your heart chakra while inspiring positive feelings and promoting spiritual growth.

Give the gift of this beautiful floral this Valentine's Day by clicking the link above!

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