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#ONTHEGO: Wednesday 8-15-2018

This ongoing segment has been a great chance to talk to customers and coworkers alike about how they incorporate essential oils into their daily lives and carry with them #onthego. Everyone has such diverse needs and reasons.

A budding new local photographer @zteps_aniale (@elainaspetzphotos) has an affinity for our roll-ons. She carries Lavender Garden and Stress Relief for their calming effects and uses them for both aromatherapy on pulse points and as perfumes on both herself and clients. She also carries our Clearer Skin Roll-on to use for her eczema. With ingredients like Jojoba oil and pure essential oils of Lavender, Geranium, Rosemary, Palmarosa, Maychang, Benzoin, and  Cedarwood, we can understand why!

And then there’s Linden Blossom.  >>sigh<<  Sweet sweet Linden Blossom. An instant favorite amongst all who smell it with its sweet, creamy, floral aroma that offers benefits for relaxation, mental calming, sleep enhancement, and stress reduction. @zteps_aniale agrees and likes to blend about 15-30 drops into a 2 oz cobalt blue spray bottle to use throughout the day to help fight stress and anxiety.

What’s in your bag? See our other #onthego posts by checking out the #wyndmereONTHEGO #hashtag and don’t forget to tag your photos so we can see which products you can’t live without!

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