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Vetiver is a rich Smokey and grounding essential oil.
Vetiver nummy rich, smoky, earthy Vetiver. This is a smell that's deeply relaxing and grounding. It has the ability to calm your mind and give support in stressful situations. An amazing choice to use during meditation.  Also a great essential oil to reach for when looking to soothe minor muscle aches and pains.

Reminiscent of Patchouli but with a touch of Lemon, Vetiver is believed to be very grounding, calming, and stabilizing. We’ve even had people tell us they think its relaxing properties are more powerful than our beloved Lavender…woah.

Vetiver is also a great choice to use for oily skin. Used since antiquity, Vetiver essential oil is known to aid in firming, tightening, and protecting our skin against the harsh effects of our environment.

A interesting bit of knowledge we learned while writing this post is that Vetiver roots were traditionally used in countries throughout Africa and Southeast Asia for the production of homemade evaporative coolers. These functioned as air conditioners before electricity was available. Due to their coolness, the roots were ideal for use in making grass mats. They would also weave the dried roots together with rope sometimes made from coir, a fiber made from the outer husks of coconuts, to make curtains which were then soaked in water before being hung in windows and doorways. As hot air passed through the cold wet roots, the woven Vetiver curtains would contribute not only to cooling the air but would also add a comforting, relaxing, earthy aroma to their homes and even function as a way to keep bugs at bay!

A powerful EO that even improves with age! Add a bottle of Vetiver to your at-home apothecary today by clicking on the link!

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