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Pumpkin Face Mask

  • 2 min read

Wyndmere Pumpkin Face Mask Recipe With Immortelle essential oil

 Pumpkin Face Mask 

Witch tip: use pumpkin carving scraps to brew up a DIY face mask! Did you know that Pumpkin has magical rejuvenating powers? It’s packed full of skin-nourishing ingredients like vitamins C and A, carotenoids, and plant pigments that act as antioxidants.


…and let’s be honest - whether indulging in candy or spirits, a little self-care might be just what the doctor ordered.


So, what do we want our brew to accomplish? Well, all the nutrients and antioxidants are a great start. We would also like something exfoliating to help sluff off the night before…and inflammation-reducing? Is that too much to ask for?…the answer, not really. When you DIY something like a face mask you have the ability to customize and tailor it to your exact needs. That being said, if you feel called to swap out an ingredient for another we encourage you to follow your intuition. But as is this mask is delightful.


We’ve added cinnamon and turmeric powder to this recipe 1… for exfoliation. 2… turmeric has AMAZING anti-inflammatory properties. Honey is naturally antibacterial (source) as well as moisturizing and is always a great choice in DIYs if you suffer from dry skin.


For this Mask, we chose I M M O R T E L L E - otherwise known as Helichrysum or Everlasting - a honey-scented elixir known to help metabolize emotional pain. Simply inhaling its aroma can have one experiencing breathtaking emotional benefits! Immortelle has traditionally been used by herbalists for its many advantages when treating wounds, cuts, abrasions, and scars. This restorative EO is revered for its regenerative and protective skin benefits and is commonly used in skincare products…sounds like the perfect addition to this witches brew if you ask us.

Here’s what you will need

 -3/4 cup grated pumpkin scraps

-3 tablespoons honey

-1 tablespoon Cinnamon

-1 tablespoon turmeric

-20 drops Immortelle

 Simply combine all ingredients into a bullet blender or food processor and blend until smooth. Place in a jar and keep in your refrigerator to keep cool and up this mask’s inflammation-reducing properties!

 Reconnect with the spiritual realm and open your heart and sacral chakras by adding this bit of magic to your self-care routine… After all the Halloween indulgence, you deserve it!




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