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Rose Otto

  • 3 min read

Rose, also known as Rose Otto, has an exquisite, rich floral fragrance. It has many uses in aromatherapy but notably is excellent for skin care, particularly mature, dry, or sensitive skin.

When discussing Rose, it is important to make the distinction between Rose Otto and Rose Absolute. Rose Otto is an essential oil extracted using hydro-distillation in which petals from the Rosa damascena plant are placed in a container with water and slowly heated.  The heating allows the petals to release their essential oil, which passes through a cooling process into a container where the oil floats on the surface of the cool water. Rose Otto is the essential oil collected from this process, and the scented water that remains is Rose Hydrosol.  The distillation process takes millions of petals to yield just small amounts of this prized oil, which is why Rose Otto is so expensive.

Rose Absolute is solvent-extracted, which means the Rose petals are combined in a drum with an organic solvent such as hexane.  Slow rotation draws out the aromatic portion of the flowers. The hexane is evaporated and the thick, waxy substance that remains is called a concrete.  The concrete is then filtered using ethanol alcohol to remove the waxes and non-aromatic components, leaving behind only the liquid Rose Absolute. Using this extraction method gives a greater yield, meaning fewer petals are needed to produce the same amount of liquid as the distillation method used to produce Rose Otto.  This is why Rose Absolute tends to be less expensive than Rose Otto, and why it is more likely to be used in blending and perfumery.

Pure Rose Otto essential oil solidifies at room temperature due to the waxes in the plant.  When warmed gently, the liquid has a clear to pale yellow color and a soft, gentle aroma which lends itself to topical use and use as a perfume.  On the other hand, Rose Absolute tends to be a darker orangish-red with a more intense aroma closer to that of the flower itself. This is one of the reasons, along with its affordability, why it is preferred for blending.

We offer Rose Otto essential oil already diluted in Jojoba at 3% to help make this an affordable way enjoy its benefits and aroma.  You can also get a 2 ml bottle of pure concentrated Rose Otto if you prefer. We harness the skin-loving properties of Rose Absolute in our Vibrant Skin lotions, creams, and bar soaps.

In aromatherapy, Rose Otto essential oil has been used to inspire mental calmness and emotional stability.  With its comforting aroma and balancing and rejuvenating action, Rose has historically been believed to have strong anti-depressant and uplifting properties, invoking feelings of joy, happiness, hope, and love.  Rose is used during meditation and prayer and is known to help strengthen and balance your heart chakra while inspiring positive feelings and promoting spiritual growth. Try it for yourself in our Meditative Mood and Patience blends.

Rose has been known through history as “woman’s oil” because of its ability to aid with hormonal and menstrual problems and imbalances.  It has also been known as a potent natural aphrodisiac, which is why we use it in our Romantic Nights blend.

Try our Rose Otto and experience its therapeutic and mood-enhancing properties for yourself!

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