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What I'm Diffusing Now

  • 1 min read
Pure essential oils of Lime and cedarwoodPure essential oil combination for you to diffuse. Lime essential oil,  Cedarwood
~ What I'm Diffusing Now ~
The month of June is so lovely with flowers in bloom everywhere you look. As we enter into this new moon in Gemini it is all about connecting with the power of Mercury deepening into our soul’s intentions, and clearly setting our sights toward what we want and to manifest and create real change. Do you use EOs in your intention setting process? Today calls for…
 7 drops Lime: For renewing inner clarity and enabling better decision making with a positive mood while also stimulating your sense of internal purpose!
 3 drops Cedarwood: Encourages a state of calm and relaxation. Diffusing this oil can increase feelings of comfort and vitality, relieving tension and anxiety and leaving behind a soothed mind.
 We are taking a moment to sit with Cedarwood and Lime gently diffusing whilst sipping on a cuppa tea with a bit of @amesfarm honey, giving ourselves the chance to remember that when the moon is completely dark and there is no light left to shine on our surroundings, it is time to look inside at the light within ourselves.
 Did you know that diffusing essential oils can be easy and efficient? Wyndmere has a great line of home diffusers that blend into any decor while brightening the space.
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