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The Top 8 Best Essential Oils For Spring Allergies

  • 3 min read

Wyndmere How to help combat seasonal allergies naturally while calming the mind with essential oils.

The Top 8 Best Essential Oils For Spring Allergies

For those of us combating seasonal allergies life is feeling pretty rough right now. Like... worse than any other year not because of the severity of them but the fear that it may not be just allergies, or being side-eyed for coughing or sneezing. It’s all a bit much for us right now. Spring is so beautiful. It feels as if the earth is coming back to life. Trees are popping and the grass is getting green. Unfortunately, this lovely time is also filled with persistent allergies that can at times ruin even the most beautiful of days. Here are a few of our favorite EOs to use when trying to combat seasonal allergies. 


Peppermint: As an expectorant, Peppermint can provide prompt relief for those struggling with congestion by aiding in clearing phlegm and opening up airways. For some of us with allergies, a headache is an inevitable side effect, and Peppermint is a favorite go-to for quick relief.

Chamomile: Renowned for centuries as an antispasmodic (in addition to its other powerful properties), Chamomile can aid in getting us through the spring allergy season.  Try adding this to a hot shower with Basil (avoid if pregnant) and breathe the steam in deeply.

Frankincense: This essential oil can help to open breathing airways and ease a spastic cough that can accompany allergies. Frankincense has traditionally been known to support a healthy immune system and its anti-inflammatory properties make it a useful tool during allergy season.  

Lavender: We could go on for days about this one but we are just going to talk about the aromatherapy benefits as related to allergies. Lavender’s ability to soothe and reduce inflammation may help relieve allergy symptoms. Adding this powerhouse essential oil to your diffuser is a great way to calm your mind and aid in a better night’s rest. Its lovely mid-note blends well with all the other essential oils on this list so have fun exploring all the different ways to benefit from Lavender essential oil.

Cedarwood: Great for respiratory support in children, Cedarwood works as a decongestant and expectorant and can help stimulate the respiratory system. Blend with Lavender and Sweet Orange in your diffuser for allergy symptom relief.

Tea Tree: Is a valuable asset for any at-home apothecary for relief from minor hives and skin irritations due to mild seasonal allergies. We blend ours with Jojoba oil in a roll-on bottle to make it easier to use on the go.

Basil: A study by the Journal of Food Science and Technology has found Sweet Basil to be an effective anti-inflammatory, making this an excellent choice for seasonal allergies. Use Basil in your diffuser for optimum benefits. Basil essential oil is to be avoided if pregnant.

Eucalyptus: Ahhh Eucalyptus…from cleaning your home to suppressing a cough, Eucalyptus is known for its relieving and cooling qualities making it an automatic go-to for help with sinus congestion.

For quick allergy relief, direct inhalation is the most effective method of use. Simply add any of these oils (or your favorite combination) to your diffuser, or apply 5-10 drops to a blank inhaler for relief on the go. You can also place a drop or two on the shower floor and inhale while taking a warm shower.


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