What's in My Go-To Bag

Hello! My name is Anna Powell, otherwise known as @olivepowell on Instagram! I am the freelance social media marketing collaborator  and photographer who brings you much of the content and imagery you see on our website and social media! I’ve never formally introduced myself and thought it was about time. Today I’m sharing photos of the contents of my bag along with my favorite Wyndmere Naturals products and DIYs I currently use every day!


Shall we get to it? 


-German Chamomile in a roll-on 


This is probably one of my favorite EOs, period. Its gentle nature and warm and inviting aroma never get old for me. I use it as a fragrance or when I’m out and about and need a quick fix for minor bumps, bruises, scrapes, and cuts. 


-Wyndmere’s DIY dog paw balm…okay, this is one of those DIYs that I wrote and just amazed myself. It turned out so good. I use it on all THREE of my dogs and even use it on my lips when out exploring the dog park with them on cold winter days! Definitely a must-have for anyone who loves to explore outdoors in the winter with their pets. It's not full protection…if you are truly worried or the weather is at extreme temps I recommend some shoes…or simply staying indoors. 


-Wyndmere Naturals Unscented Cream is an all-year favorite that I literally never live without. I use it on my hands, feet…I USE IT ALLLLL OVER. Love it. Not too greasy with the kind of clean ingredients that I’ve grown to expect and love about @wyndmerenaturals.


-Roll-on with 10 drops Vanilla Absolute, 7 drops Grapefruit, & 2 drops Lime in Jojoba with 1 teaspoon of vegetable glycerin  (Consider this my mid-winter pick me the fragrance of choice at the moment to help defend myself from the SADs)


-I also carry an EO to use in my car diffuser. This week I’ve been leaning on Clary Sage and Peppermint to keep me energized and focused.


Other than that you can just call me the bag lady - you’ll almost never catch me without my cameras, computer, sometimes even lighting…and a bag of EOs and @wydnmerenatuals products that have the pleasure of capturing lifestyle photos for! Some days instead of lifestyle photos I get to get into the studio and make fun DIYs to share with you. I sincerely hope you all have enjoyed them!


Check out our Instagram stories to see more behind-the-scenes with me @olivepowell doing my thing with Wyndmere.  IF you miss out on the behind-the-scenes action don’t worry, I’ll save them in our highlights under “behind the scenes”! 

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