• Yoga And Essential Oils

Yoga And Essential Oils

Yoga and Essential Oils


A match made in heaven. Used since antiquity, essential oils have earned reputations for a wide variety of uses ranging from improved breathing to rejuvenating mood and focus, making essential oils perfect for incorporating into your yoga practice.


When diffusing essential oils during your personal practice choose bright and cheery oils to enhance and uplift asanas. You can even anoint yourself with calming and tranquil oils before drifting into Shavasana. Whether advanced or just beginning, you can bet that the extra level of mindfulness that essential oils bring to your practice will transform it. You can even make your own mat cleansing spray, using 20 drops Tea Tree, 14 drops Lavender, and 6 drops Peppermint in an 8 oz mister bottle of distilled water.


We love how our essential oils are the perfect addition to any yoga or meditation process. Do you use them in your yoga practice? Share with us how you incorporate essential oils by tagging your photos #wyndmereYoga


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