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Time for the Back-To-School Scramble - Let us help!

  • 4 min read

How Essential Oils Can Help During the Back-to-School Scramble

In the Spotlight: Essential Oil Blends

It's back to school time again, and the issue we're hearing the most about from our customers is how to manage their stress and anxiety. Stress levels are through the roof, whether due to the cost of supplies or separation anxiety with getting back to in-person learning. Essential oils can be an important tool to help ease worry and anxiety about returning to school.

If you're here, you probably already know what pure essential oils are and how they can help support and benefit your health and wellness (if not, start here). So it probably isn't surprising to hear that combining essential oils with similar or complementary properties can help take these health and wellness benefits to the next level.

As a leading expert in aromatherapy with over 25 years of experience, Wyndmere has crafted a line of essential oil blends designed to address a wide range of wellness concerns. Today we'll give you a peek into the process we used to create some of our most popular blends for families getting ready for a new school year.

Why Blend Essential Oils?

Each essential oil has a unique chemical profile that gives it its therapeutic properties. For example, two of the main constituents of Lavender essential oil are linalool and linalyl acetate, which have been found to have a relaxing effect. And the high limonene levels in Orange essential oil make it so helpful in relieving stress and increasing positivity. While using just one of these aromatherapy essential oils can be effective, blending them together can provide more full-spectrum benefits and increase efficacy.

This interaction and augmentation effect is called "synergy" in aromatherapy and is often compared to a symphony. One instrument playing alone can be beautiful, but an orchestra playing in concert is a more robust experience. Each of our synergistic blends is a symphony designed to address various health and wellness concerns.

Anxiety Release

Hands down our most popular blend, Anxiety Release is a blend of essential oils with calming and soothing properties that interact with one another to relieve stress, tension, and worry. We carefully selected each oil based on its unique therapeutic profile and balanced them in a highly effective blend that smells great! Add to a car diffuser to ease those first-day jitters during the drive to school, or use an inhaler (or aromatherapy jewelry) for relief on the go.

  • Orange: Its high limonene content gives it uplifting and stress-relieving properties
  • Lavender: Main constituents are linalool and linalyl acetate which make it calming, sedative, and restorative
  • Clary Sage: Known for its calming and strengthening effect on the nervous system due to its linalyl acetate and linalool contents
  • Geranium: High in citronellol and geraniol, it is uplifting, vitalizing, and restorative
  • Vetiver: Its sesquiterpenes and sesquiterpenols make Vetiver emotionally grounding, soothing, and calming
  • Roman Chamomile: Its famously calming properties are due to its concentration of sesquiterpenes such as chamazulene and farnesene

Mentally Sharp

Mentally Sharp is your go-to blend when you really need to focus, whether at school or work. The essential oils used in this blend work in synergy to energize, improve concentration, and reduce mental fatigue. Using a variety of essential oils provides a more comprehensive approach to help your children perform at their best during exams, studying, and staying attentive during lessons.

  • Basil: High in phenols that are stimulating, Basil helps improve concentration, alertness, and memory retention
  • Lemon: Like most citruses, Lemon is high in limonene which gives it uplifting and energizing properties
  • Rosemary: Aids memory retention, focus, and alertness due to its combination of cineol, camphor, and pinenes
  • Peppermint: Menthol helps ease tension headaches and is mentally energizing
  • Clove Bud: Contains eugenol, a potent stimulant good for mental fatigue and strain
  • Cedarwood: Its composition of terpenes and cedrol make Cedarwood grounding and helpful to combat negativity

Sleepy Time

Getting good sleep is about more than just relaxation. Clearing the mind of negative or anxious thoughts can be a crucial component of falling and staying asleep. Blending essential oils that have uplifting and mood-boosting properties with others that are soothing and relaxing makes the perfect recipe for promoting restful sleep. Sleepy Time is a popular blend for diffusing before bedtime, adding to a bath, or making an air mist to set yourself and your family up for a good night's sleep.

  • Mandarin: High in limonene and gently uplifting without being stimulating
  • Marjoram: Its terpinene, linalool, and terpineol elements make Marjoram a deeply calming, stress-relieving, and mentally and physically relaxing essential oil
  • Lavender: Calming and sedative properties help fight stress and anxiety and promote sleep
  • Ylang Ylang: Complex chemical makeup that soothes nervous tension and reduces anger while promoting positivity
  • Vetiver: High in sesquiterpenes, which make it emotionally grounding and helpful for reducing anger, fear, and anxiety

More Back to School Essential Oil Blends

The three blends highlighted above are our most popular for using aromatherapy to address common school year concerns - anxiousness, concentration and focus, and establishing healthy sleep habits. Other favorites for families with school-age children include Self Confidence, Positively Motivating, Stress Relief, and Immune Support. Our experienced, in-house aromatherapists have used their expertise to create a full line of essential oil blends designed to help a wide range of issues - check out all of our blends here.

Creating your own blends can also be a way to exercise creativity while finding a custom solution to fit your unique needs. Read our guide of essential oils for help selecting the single notes that you'll need, or check out our DIY bundles for savings on supplies! Our most recent bundle is Study Buddy, which includes the most effective essential oils for studying and staying alert during school.  

Reach out to us with any questions, or leave a comment telling us how you use essential oils for back-to-school concerns!

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