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Linden Blossom

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Linden Blossom  

Linden Blossom

We’re currently dreaming of the beautiful soft scent of Linden Blossom trees filling our neighborhoods with their sweet, creamy, floral aroma.  This scent brings back memories of time spent outside sitting under the sun while the bumblebees bumble around pollinating the tiny little blossoms of the Linden trees.  

By adding Linden Blossom to your diffuser your home is instantly filled with the smell of spring, not to mention its relaxing and mentally calming benefits! Winter blues tend to drift away while Linden Blossom’s transformative aroma works to reduce stress and even enhance a better nights sleep.

The heart-shaped leaves of the Linden Tree (click for fun facts) remind us that it has been used with care for centuries to help with cardiovascular and circulatory health.

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