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Winter Skin Whipped Body Butter

  • 3 min read

 Wyndmere has the best essential oils for body miosturizing diy projects

Could your skin use a little extra love? We’re always looking for fun and inexpensive ways to stay moisturized. Most days, we’re more than pleased with our cleanly formulated lotions and creams - they’re soft, silky, and won’t leave you feeling greasy. But that being said, here in Minnesota, temperatures often reach below zero, and our skin craves a little extra love and care.


We love this recipe and encourage you all to get creative when it comes to choosing your essential oils for this one. It’s the perfect time to practice mindfulness and pick carefully to meet your skin’s current needs and your desired aroma. 


Shea butter, coconut oil and Wyndmere grapeseed oilShea buttercoconut oilcoconut oil and shea butter

Here is what you will need.

 1-3/4 C shea butter

1/2 C coconut oil               

1/4 C grapeseed oil


Now for the essential oils, you can try one of the blends below or get creative and blend your own, …but make sure to share your choice with us! We love seeing all of you making our DIYs! Tag @wyndmerenaturals on Instagram!




15 drops Frankincense in Jojoba - often used with skin issues like blemishes, dry and mature complexions, scars, wounds, and wrinkles. For the younger complexion, let’s say it’s a great time to start a natural skin routine. It is often said Frankincense can help calm frazzled nerves. 


10 drops Immortelle in Jojoba - this essential oil is an excellent option for body butter. In skincare, it is suggested that it may be useful for skin irritation from eczema, dermatitis, and inflammation. 




30 drops German Chamomile in Jojoba - is an oil used in many different ways. Skincare is one of those ways. German Chamomile is said to be anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and deodorizing.  




30 drops Rose in Jojoba - may be very helpful with dry skin, eczema, especially appreciated by mature and sensitive complexions, wrinkles. 




20 drops Grapefruit 

10 drops Vanilla Absolute in Jojoba 

Wyndmere grapeseed oil whipped body butter

Now let’s get to work.


To begin, measure out your shea butter and coconut oil (which will be solid at room temperatures below 76 degrees) and melt over medium-low heat in a double boiler, continually stirring until there are no lumps left.


Let this cool for about 30 minutes, before stirring in the grapeseed oil and other EOs of your choosing.


Cover mixture and put it into your freezer for about 20-30 minutes, OR refrigerate for 1-2 hours. You want the body butter to start to solidify but not completely harden, a consistency similar to soft wax or softened butter. 


If the mixture has lumps in it after you’ve cooled it, let it sit at room temperature to soften a bit and then try remixing it. Annoying but will work if you need to improve your consistency. 


Once your mixture is the right consistency, you are ready to transfer it to a mixing bowl and whip until soft and fluffy. You can use a hand mixer, blender, standing mixer…shoot, you can even hand whip it with a whisk if you are feeling industrious. But if the mixture won’t whip or stay whipped, you need to chill it longer. 


Keep in mind that this mixture is formulated to be oily and absorb slowly into your skin. However, if you prefer to make it less oily, add 1.5 teaspoons of either cornstarch, tapioca starch, or arrowroot starch. 


After you have reached that perfect whipped body butter consistency you are looking for, spoon it into a clean glass jar with a tight sealing lid. Smooth over skin anytime that winter weather has you reaching for a little extra moisture.

 wyndmere body butter diy for dry winter skin

Store in a cool area, and if your home gets above 75°F regularly, you may want to keep it in the refrigerator.

 creamy body butter with wyndmere pure essential oils

Designed to melt into your skin as it goes on, it will be a little oily at first, but it absorbs quickly and leaves your skin very soft. We recommend putting it on right away when you get out of the shower and allowing it to soak into your smooth, warm skin before getting dressed.

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